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Connie and Lucky Logo by hubworld23 Connie and Lucky Logo :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Alice by hubworld23 Alice :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 Boris by hubworld23 Boris :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Bendy by hubworld23 Bendy :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 2 0 Connie and Lucky D! by hubworld23 Connie and Lucky D! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 My Splatoon 2 Logo! by hubworld23 My Splatoon 2 Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 Orango My Puffle OC! by hubworld23 Orango My Puffle OC! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Rolly Polly! (OC Open!) by hubworld23 Rolly Polly! (OC Open!) :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0
Frankie and Lucky's Cookie Contest!
One day Connie and lucky were eating cookies for a snack!
Lucky: *Eating cookies....* Hey Frankie?
Frankie: *Eating Cookies!* Yeah?
Lucky: *Gulps* Betcha can't eat these Cookies faster then me!!!! *She said with a smirk!*
Frankie: *Also gulps!* Your on Lucky! Winner get's 20 Bucks!
Lucky: Deal! Ok.... 1...
Frankie: 2....
Lucky: 3!!!!
*Then they both ate cookies really fast!!!!!*
*Hours Later!* *They both gotten really big from the cookies they have eaten!*
Lucky: Ohhh My tummy hurts so much!!!!!!:(
Franke: Mine too! *Then eats one more cookie!* UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ugh..... *Hic* Looks like i win!
Lucky: Aww Man!!! Here.... *Then gives her the 20 bucks as pr
:iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 20
QIIPLASH! by hubworld23 QIIPLASH! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 0 Save the Internet! by hubworld23 Save the Internet! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 0 1
Peach Daisy and Rosie: The great flying snow day!
 On a nice fun Snow Day Daisy took her friends for sking!
Peach: Thanks for taking us Skiing Daisy!
Rosalina: And thx for the getting us hot cocoa too!
Daisy: No Problem guys What are friends for? *Then she Sees something!!!* LOOK!
Both: What is *Then they see it....* IT???:-O
*Then they see a HUGE ice Ramp*
Rosalina: Woah it really is that big!!!!
Daisy: *Smiles really Big* Let's ride it!!!!
Peach: I don't know daisy it doesn't look safe.... *She said concernd....*
Daisy: *Rolls her Eyes* Come on Peach your just a bit paranoid now let's Go! Plus it's gonna be fun also  i brought these! *Shows the 2 3 Parachutes!*
Rosalina: What's with the Parachutes?
Daisy: You'll see... *She said as she winked*;)
*At the Ramp!*
Daisy: Ok Guys you ready?
Both: *Slowly nod yes.....*
Daisy: Awsome guys cuz now here we GO!!!!!!!!
*The trio then go at top speed!!!!!*
Both: WOAHH!!!!!!!!!
*Now in the clouds*
Daisy: Ok girls get ready.... Rosie Peach pull t
:iconhubworld23:hubworld23 2 13
Super Princess Daisy Movie Logo! by hubworld23 Super Princess Daisy Movie Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 2 0 Connie and Lucky Rpg by hubworld23 Connie and Lucky Rpg :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 Night of the Mages! Gamelogo! by hubworld23 Night of the Mages! Gamelogo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 1 0 My Metriod prime 4 Logo! by hubworld23 My Metriod prime 4 Logo! :iconhubworld23:hubworld23 3 0


Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #10 by ChrisTitan16 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #10 :iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 1 0 [TRADE] Big bellied Mia by GirlsVoreBoys [TRADE] Big bellied Mia :icongirlsvoreboys:GirlsVoreBoys 53 3 [CM] Gwen by Anndygirl [CM] Gwen :iconanndygirl:Anndygirl 127 11 Request: GirlsVoreBoys by Aaron1248 Request: GirlsVoreBoys :iconaaron1248:Aaron1248 29 13 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Dare #1 by ChrisTitan16 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Dare #1 :iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 4 7 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #6 by ChrisTitan16 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #6 :iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 2 0
Elsa's Big Ego: Chapter 4
Chapter Four: Ariel’s Cupcakes
   “Wow, look at her!” Mulan gasped.
   She held up the phone, showing Tiana and Rapunzel the picture of the fattened Elsa.  The once slim Ice Queen now looked pregnant. Her stomach was so massive it almost touched the floor. Her rear had also plumped up a bit, but her biggest feature was her belly. Every time she walked, it wobbled and shook.
   “Wow!” Rapunzel was impressed. “I can’t believe she’s gained this much weight in one day!”
   “Can you picture her tomorrow?” Tiana asked. “She still has to eat Ariel’s cupcakes, and Belle is making her dinner.”
   “Aurora said that the potion is becoming stronger,” Mulan read the text below. “She said Elsa straight up asked for food and demanded more. Elsa also kept praising Aurora, and she even praised Snow and Cinderella. Snow said Elsa calle
:iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 20 2
Belly Girl as Smee by GusSmee Belly Girl as Smee :icongussmee:GusSmee 14 7 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #1 by ChrisTitan16 Sphinx And Kitty Posse Answer #1 :iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 7 2
Ask/Dare Sphinx and Her Kitty Posse

Sphinx: Hey, everyone. I'm Sphinx. I will first say, I have some powers of my own.  Anyway, My sisters, my friends and I have come together and decided to be asked some questions and do some dares. Of course, we do have some rules. We'll list them after we introduce ourselves.

Alice: Hi, my name is Alice. I'm ready for any question. But I don't do dangerous dares much.
Rosemary: I'm Rosemary. But you can call me Rose for short.
Molly: Hello, I'm Molly. Very nice to meet you.
Lavanna: How ya'll doing? I'm Lavanna. I'm a Bimbo catgirl. So give me a question or dare I can do. I might even answer the question or do the dare in the nude.
Jasmine: Hey, guys. I'm Jasmine. This is the best time to answer questions. And I don't mind doing a dare or 2.

:iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 7 135
hubworld23 Presents: Connie and Lucky Logo by ChrisTitan16 hubworld23 Presents: Connie and Lucky Logo :iconchristitan16:ChrisTitan16 5 2 Shantae the Fan Film Script - Final Version by alvarobmk123 Shantae the Fan Film Script - Final Version :iconalvarobmk123:alvarobmk123 4 16
Super Luigi Star Road v1.1 RELEASED!
Waiting for Super Mario Star World (The DS Remake for Super Mario Star Road)? No problem! I got ya covered!
This was originally made by Quasmok and me when we worked on the first version but it was buggy xD. Now i fixed all the bugs in it and you can even play with new move sets too! To make the gameplay feel newer then before!
Luigi fans can also enjoy this new version!
I made this "double" hack with Skelux's permission. It's because Luigi wasn't in the original Star Road (he does appear in multiplayer though) and Luigi will appear in Super Mario Star World. So i thought it would be fun to make it. Enjoy everyone. let me know if there is some bugs in it :)
:iconkoopshikinggeoshi:KoopshiKingGeoshi 1 0
Some help would be really cool.
I wanna help a friend who's doing a fan film about Shantae but he needs people who can help in:
-Voice acting 
-Making sound effect
-And backgrounds
If you guys know someone who can help in those things, this would be really cool.
:iconandylookout:andylookout 3 45
Pudge for Starlight Glimmer by Angry-Signs Pudge for Starlight Glimmer :iconangry-signs:Angry-Signs 11 6 VENTER - Elven Belly Girl by Hara-Futoru VENTER - Elven Belly Girl :iconhara-futoru:Hara-Futoru 87 5





Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

My Thoughts: It's too Easy!
There is no challenge in this Game NONE! Sure there are bonus Levels which presents a challenge But that's not enough.... What made Banjo Kazooie Fun to begin with was the characters levels and the challenge it had in the Game! The characters in Macbat 64 are Pretty cool even if they are One note! It is a nice homage to the N64 Days! But most of all i wanted it to be it's own classic that even tops the classics like Banjo Kazooie for Example.... I mean You could've even got Macbat some new abilities like have some areas where it could be only by Macbat can Access too! I think it's a good game but overall it's just too Easy!
I would reccomend the game if you really wanna play it... And if you like the classics Try this a go! But if your a fan of Challenge like Banjo Kazooie i really Wouldn't recommend it!:(


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You Are Never To Old For Disney  by CTC-Tomboy You Are Never To Old For Disney :iconctc-tomboy:CTC-Tomboy 0 25

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