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I'll be taking stuffing requests!!!
So, some time ago, I posted a deviation stating that I'd be taking requests on what to stuff myself with. This is still going, but I cannot find the deviation anywhere, so I'm posting it again. I don't want to become inactive, but I also want to do what you guys want. I will pretty much eat/drink whatever as long as I don't dislike the food/drink. Now go! Go into the comment section! Go into the comment section and give me suggestions! I need them!
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 3 45
Bored stuffing
It was a normal, boring Sunday, I had nothing to do as none of my friends were available the entire day and my parents were out so I just lay in bed watching videos and sleeping all day. I hadn't eaten anything that day and at around 18:30 my stomach let out an incredibly loud growl, I got out of bed but didn't feel like making any food, so I decided to order a pizza. I dialled Domino's Pizza and ordered a large pepperoni pizza. I then thought of how much I like stuffing myself. I doubted for a while but then added a second large pepperoni pizza to my order. When they took my order and hung up I walked into the kitchen to look for something to drink with my pizza, I found a full bottle of coke, 'perfect' I thought. I took the bottle over to the living room where I unpatiently waited for my pizzas, my stomach growling heavily in the meantime. After about 15 minutes my doorbell rang, I quickly got over to the door, quickly paid the pizza guy, took my pizzas to the living room and sat dow
:iconigotthesoda:iGotTheSoda 23 12
Car sick tummy
Everything had been fine until she had gotten into this car! She supressed a burp and cupped the underside of her slightly swollen belly. As her friends chatted and sang along to the radio, the swaying and bumping of the car journey had upset her delicate stomach and caused it to bubble and gurgle nauseously.
With great effort she silently forced down another burp, her poorly belly letting out an angry rumble of frustration. Refusing to expel her sickly tummy gas was begging to give her a tummyache on top of an upset stomach. However despite her belly's growing rumbly discomfort, she dared not burp in front of her friends, convinced that if she began to burp she would almost certainly throw up.
The car hit another small bump in the road and her stomach lurched. Still she fought back against the nausea, swallowing hard and lightly rubbing her troubled tummy to help it settle. She could feel how much her burbling tummy ache had bloated her belly. It rolled and bubbled against her hand de
:iconaaccjw1993:aaccjw1993 56 3
Mercy Me, How Tasty! (Overwatch stuffing fic)
(Note: If the title didn't clue you in, this is a belly stuffing fic, involving a character's belly expanding due to her being stuffed with food. Weird belly kink stuff isn't for everyone and I respect that, but if this isn't your stuff, then this is your cue to click away from this and find something else to browse through)
It was a lazy Sunday afternoon at Overwatch HQ, and all was well. Winston and Athena had no assignments for the group, leaving them all to do as they pleased. Zenyatta and Genji were meditating in the atrium, Zarya, Torbjorn, Pharah, and Reinhardt were hitting the gym, Soldier 76, Hanzo, McCree, Mei, Tracer, and Bastion were all getting practice in at the shooting range, and, Lucio, and Mercy were all hanging out in the lounge. and Lucio were deeply absorbed in their fighting game, while Mercy sat back and watched from a distance, grinning slightly as they playfully bantered and squabbled amongst each other.
"C'mon... c'mon... AW MAN!" Lucio groaned when
:iconhazardoussludge:HazardousSludge 84 18
Yoko's Halloween Stuff :iconizakdiesel:IzakDiesel 34 18 Different dreams the same sound :iconsilentwarrior3800:SilentWarrior3800 67 19 Loud Tummys :iconkoopakidds:KoopaKidDS 28 8 The Stomach Symphony :icondarkstorm2bad:DarkStorm2Bad 46 1 Bloat up Power up page 1 :iconrobot001:Robot001 125 6
Mature content
GirlsVoreBoys vore game *update 3-3-2017* :iconnoobrat:noobrat 23 52
[CM] Polaris Big stuffed Pizza! :iconhara-futoru:Hara-Futoru 181 12 Bowser's Kingdom Episode 2 - Page 01 :iconheiseigoji91:HeiseiGoji91 29 31 It Was a Warm Day Outside as Always :iconkarasu-96:Karasu-96 104 61 Smash Bros (Switch Port?): One New Character? :iconkarasu-96:Karasu-96 30 10
Smash Bros Switch and One More New Character?
Yes, Smash is coming to the Switch.
It's revealed that there's going to be one more character according to some Amiibo data. 
Who is it going to be? To me, it has to be the Ice Climbers.
Like what I mentioned before, they were removed from Smash 4 thanks to the 3DS's incapability to handle the Ice Climbers' AI (consisted of two characters in one) and that Sakurai wanted both versions to have the same character roster.
Maybe it's their chance to shine once again...
:iconkarasu-96:Karasu-96 3 26
princess peach soles :iconmrff25:mrff25 286 19



Teen Conker Tales Logo!
This is the logo for my Audio Story project that i'm doing!:) (Smile) 
If you wanna join in go…
Go to my Discord and i'll tell you all about It!
Sleepy Egg and The Sleepy Egg Nest!
Theese are items for a Banjo Kazooie Spinoff Game!That i'm working on.
If you wanna join in go…


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